Thursday, 16 November 2017

Deadzone Strike Team Builder - GCPS

Hi All,

I finally added the GCPS Faction to the Strike Team builder (for the second time after my live database decided to die on me).I am just finishing off adding the last weapons but everything else is selectable and ready to use.

Rules and GCPS Stats are found Free:

Let me know if you find any errors.

Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Deadzone Strike Team Builder - Moved

Hi all,

Strike Team Builder has moved!


Please let me know if you if you experience any issue and I will look into them as soon as possible.

If you have tried to use the Deadzone strike team builder of late you my have noticed it was down. This was due to the hosting platform version being upgraded and having to migrate to a different hosting service. To enable me to keep the usage of the Strike team builder free I have simply moved it to a different free hosting service.

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Kings of War - Route/Waver Calculator

I am building a new online tool for Kings of War that will calculate chances of Routing or Wavering Units. No sign up or adds it's literally just a single page application designed to work well on phone or tablet.

Seen a fair amount of people have made excel sheets which do basically the same with a  bit more functionality (which I will be adding in the future). The main difference here is this will function on well on a phone. So can be used easily at table side to give a player a better prediction if their unit is going to bounce or not real time.

The target users are newer players, those using a new army or playing against an unknown army. Just to even the odds for newbies helping them to weigh up the odds. Should I soften up the target with more shooting before charge in?

Testing tonight at the club for the first time so will go by the calculator traffic lights and report back on who won.

All feedback is welcome. I might then expand further for Ranged attacks and/or magic attacks if it proves useful. If you have your own calculator I would really appreciate having a look to see how you have done it so I can check my calculations.

Friday, 23 June 2017

Deadzone - Overkill Tournament

Deadzone Overkill Tournament nearly upon us!

Remember to use the Aftermath - Deadzone Strike Team Builder to build your tournament teams!

Tickets still on sale here:

Mantic Games HQ
193 Hempshill Lane

Date : Saturday 22nd July

Friday, 16 June 2017

Kings of War - Edge of the Abyss

New campaign supplement for Kings of war available for pre-order soon!!! Really can't wait to see how the new concept of formations is going to work. Also new heroes are always welcome especially for Kingdoms of Men.

Still building my Night Stalker army so hope they get a good look in. Also hoping it'll change things up for my old Kingdoms of men Army.

Pre-order available on mantic site here : Kings of War - Edge of the Abyss Summer Campaign Book

Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Deadzone - Strike Team Builder Fixes

Hi all,

I had a message letting me know that Frenzy was missing. I also found Tough was missing. These have now been added to the Abilities descriptions on PDF, Print View, etc. Let me know if there are any others please.

I have also fixed a bug with the Figure addition which meant that Injuries, xp, rank and V-dice were not added. This affected the PDF generation. All fixed now but as above let me know if you find any problems.

I have realised that there are still no Merc's in the lists so might look into that next.

Have fun folks!!


Monday, 8 May 2017

Kings of War - Narrative Campaign

Night Stalkers vs Herd 600 points - Bounty 

Feel the integrity of the ether veil weaken as our dimensions inexorably dance and intertwine. The fluttering boundary between planes at once being thicker here then thinner there. From solid oak to thin smoke we slip between to your world. Dream now mortal for nightmares come, I am legion for we are many.

The following is an excerpt from annals of Mage Walter C. Gould chronicler of Bilvade Magical Atheneum:

Whilst passing through the dark marshes beyond Faulkmar. The travelling Sage Medulla tells of a cairn circle in which he found himself. On sitting upon the central mound voices of spirits whispered to him speaking the the history of the marsh and deep scars of an evil past. The Herd peoples of the Remane's tribe that dwell in that land found themselves set upon by creatures which stalked the night. From Medulla’s account a small war band consisting of two centaur units armed with either bow or spear had been marked with a nightmare curse drawing the creatures to them. A small troop of fawn hunters bearing bows along with a pack of howling werewolves came to their aid.

The dank of marsh and swamp land went cold and silent until a piercing chittering from the undergrowth surrounded them. As the darkness approached, shapes could be seen through the shadowy mist. Shifting forms suggested teeth and terribly malformed figures slowly shambling towards them. The bravery of the herd however, shone through as they called trophies upon the biggest of these nightmare creatures.

As they set too, the herd lines loosed arrows upon the largest of the hulking Shadow creatures to little effect. Giant blood leeching worms sprouted from the ooze, ugly fang filled mouths sort to suck the herd folk dry. A human sized horror could be heard casting incantations upon a group of giant cleaver wielding butchers surging them forth.

Swift manoeuvring centaur archers along the werewolves drove down the night stalkers right flank. A further volley of arrows fell upon the blood worms, killing many and sending the others slithering deep into the bog from which they had come. Unperturbed the shadow hulk and butchers continued towards the centaur spearmen. While chanting the horror unleashed gouts of flame upon the fawn hunters causing them to scatter. 

The herd flanking units could now swept round behind the large beasts need to collect their trophies. Spurred on by confidence centaur an werewolf duel changed the four armed shadow hulk. But the beast shrugged of the attacks as if batting away children, tearing the werewolves limb from limb. Meanwhile the butchers tasting hot blood in their nostrils trapped the spear centaurs within the marsh, hacking them to pieces while they wavered mired in the mud.

Thus the battle ended, the shadows stalking onwards leaving the broken and quivering bodies of the fair herd folk in their wake.

Forever after the shadow hulk would be known as “Umbra Limb Ripper” gained additional an attack. The butchers now known as “The Carnificor” gained rallying (1).